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Melbourne’s Widest Range of Stainless Steel Tubes

Your construction project deserves the best, and we can give it to you. Stainless Trading Australia are reliable suppliers of outstanding-quality products. No matter how big or small the specification size, we’ll provide you with a stainless steel tube. In Melbourne, our high-quality construction materials set us apart from the rest and we’re proud of our 25 years in the industry. Our extensive collection of stainless teel tubing can be used on residential properties as well as commercial construction applications, making them the ideal choice for your next venture, whatever it may be.

Stainless Trading Australia provides a range of products in Melbourne including:

⦿ Stainless steel round tube
⦿ Stainless steel square tube
⦿ Stainless steel RHS

In order to fulfil all of our customers requirements, we offer a prompt custom cutting service, guaranteeing a professional finish.

Round, square & RHS tubes

Whether you’re seeking a highly polished stainless steel round tube or stainless steel RHS tube for your Melbourne business in a polished finish, Stainless Trading Australia source only the best materials to ensure you get the job done, the smarter way. With a variety of sizes available in different finishes, we make it easy for our customers to find a stainless steel square tube in Melbourne that’s aesthetically superior without compromising on functionality.

Not only is it quick and easy to repair tubing made from stainless steel, but this heavy-duty material is extremely resilient in comparison to other metals. No need to worry about it rusting over time – its non-corrosive properties make stainless steel the ultimate construction material for your every need. Better yet, when you no longer need your stainless steel round, square or RHS tube, simply have it melted down and repurposed. Sustainable, durable and long-lasting, we’ll find you the right product, for the right price, at the right time.

Trusted by professionals in Melbourne

We work with you to finish your project on time and within your budget. Workers in the construction industry, engineers, manufacturers and trade professionals rely on Stainless Trading Australia to provide premium products and craftsmanship on a regular basis.

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