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Leading guillotine cutting services throughout Melbourne

Stainless Trading Australia go the extra mile, every time.

After more than 25 years working in the stainless steel industry, Stainless Trading Australia are the trustworthy answer to your stainless steel needs. Offering professional and efficient guillotine cutting services to Melbourne based construction workers, product designers, manufacturers, engineers, trade professionals and even home DIY lovers, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome competitive pricing, top-notch materials and attentive customer service, you can depend on us for everything that you need.

State-of-the-art equipment, premium products

At Stainless Trading Australia, our highly skilled team have the experience and the technological expertise to get the job done, at a superior level. Well-equipped with modern and expert cutting equipment, our team are able to resourcefully cut stainless steel to requests of all dimensions.

The stainless steel industry is a competitive market, and after over 25 years, we’re still one of the leading providers in Melbourne. Highly professional and competent, we’re able to support our customers across all facilities. Whether it be a large-scale construction site or a small residential job, we provide solutions to suit every requirement.

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We understand that no two jobs are the same, which is why we offer custom cutting services, and products in a wide range of dimensions. Going above and beyond for our clients isn’t an option – it’s a part of our core values. If you’re requesting prompt turnaround times, working under particularly tight deadlines, you can rest assured that Stainless Trading Australia has you covered.

Contact the team to find out more about our guillotine cutting services in Melbourne today. We know that you’re busy, so expect prompt replies and a fast turnaround, no matter what you’re requesting. Simply send an email to [email protected] for more information regarding our services, products and competitive prices.